November 2018

Quit smoking

Finally got round to sticking a nicotine patch on and getting myself some nicotine gum.

I have attempted this in the past but always had the odd cigrette which led me back to smoking again.

This time I have decided to just stick to the patchs and the gum and not have any cigrette at all.

I figure if I can break the habit of wanting a cigrette in the morning or after having something to eat then it would be a good start.

After I have broken the actual habit I can reduce the amount of nicotine content by lowering the nicotine amount on the patches I buy.

Losing weight

Weight has remained steady over the last month. I have lost 2.5 stone so far in the last 6 months.

I have still got to lose about the same amount of weight again to reach my goal.

Since quitting smoking I have noticed a marked improvement when going on my treadmill.

I can now go at speeds I have never been able to go at before and also I am not out of breath when I finish my treadmill session which ultimately means I could remain on the treadmill for longer if time was not a consideration.

Client work

Managed to secure myself some nice client work.

I cannot say much about this particular client work as I am under an NDA however it has to do with creating a medical software web application.

I am building this system mainly using Javascript with some HTML and PHP.