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I am a Freelance Web Software Developer based in Derbyshire, UK. I sell my services on a day rate to various businesses in need of my skills.

I started taking an interest in programming software whilst at University in 2004 learning programming software in my own time as well as at University. I started programming software for businesses that pay me in 2010.

I have worked with and built web based software systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes from SME’s to large corporates.

How much do you charge?

I charge an average day rate for a contract web based software developer. I will not state my actual day rate here as it can vary but only slightly. It varies due to various factors such as the length of the project and whether I am expected to occasionally be on-site. Each project is different.

Are you likely to fold or run-away during the project?

I am a one man contractor with low overheads who charges a day rate for my services. So long as you paying me there is no chance of the project folding or me running away part way through.

Do you work with teams of other programmers?

I do occasionally take on projects that have me as part of a team of programmers but this not my preferred way of working. I prefer to work solo on a project from start to finish in terms of the programming requirements. I also prefer to be in on the meetings with the end customer to offer my support on how the requirements of the end customer will be accomplished.

Do you do the front-end design for the web software systems you build?

It depends. I can offer a design service if the web software system uses the standard components that are generic to most web based software systems. If the web based software system requires a design that is a bit more “pretty” then an external designer will have to be brought into the project. I like to work with the designer to make sure the designs have some cohesion with the way the software is to be programmed.

How many customers do you work with at any one time?

I work with one customer at a time. This ensures I can give myself to the project 100% and I am not distracted by other project obligations.

Is there a minimum timescale to the projects you take on?

I work on projects that last months at a time with 1 month being the shortest amount of time.

What are your work arrangements in terms of location?

I like to work remotely on all projects I take on. I can come into meetings if face-to-face contact is required however generally I prefer to use online tools such as Skype.

Do you offer on-going support retainers after the completion of the project

Yes, retainers can be negotiated however I will say that most of my clients want me 5 days per week. This means I cannot offer retainers for a small amount of days per week or month because this means I would have to reject all the clients that want me 5 days per week. Essentially the retainer would have to be valuable enough to warrant me rejecting the clients wanting me at 5 days per week.

What if I only needed a small change after the project completion?

If a small change was needed and it would only take the odd couple of hours to implement then I would be willing to do that at a time that suits me. This would probably be at night or at the weekend and is not intended to be offered to get a “block” of work done but just small changes that are needed but only noticed after the project end date. I will bill for the time it takes to implement the small changes.

Please note …

This kind of buy-in can be quite large for both of us, so from my side that means I want to know about your project and who the key people on the project are.

My education

University of Derby (2009 – 2010)
Post Graduate Certificate / Enterprise Business Studies

University of Derby (2004 – 2007)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) / Computing

My technical skills

Technical skills used on a day to day basis
These are my primary skills which I use almost daily …

Yii framework
Yii 2 framework

The following are used day to day but only in terms of building web software interfaces not web design …

Twitter Bootstrap

Skills used in the past and on an as needed basis
These skills I have used in a specific project or multiple projects as and when needed but not used on a daily basis …

JQuery UI
JQuery Mobile
Google Adwords API
Google Web Master Tools API
Stripe API
HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 LocalStorage

Additional skills
These are some of my additional skills but are somewhat unrelated to web based software development …

Social Media
Online Business Tools

Clients I have worked with

Some of the clients I have worked with include …

If you would like to hire me, get in contact via the contact page.

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