National Childrens Bureau – Mailchimp API export

The program starts by querying the Mailchimp API for one or more lists of members.

The members are then inserted into the database. The program then processes each member by looking for members that have not opened their emails in the last 6 months.

Afterwards the members that have not opened their emails in the last 6 months are outputted to a CSV file.

Quiz System

The quiz system is an online questionnaire and answer system designed to be used as part of a training programme.

The quiz system selects 10 random questions to present to the user.

The user selects his / her answers and submits the questionnaire.

Once the questionnaire has been submitted the user is then given a score out of 10.

If a certain number of correct answers where given then the user is sent a PDF certificate by email and given an option to download a PDF certificate by button click.

The system is flexible enough to allow more questions to be amended to the questionnaire and to change the number of correct answers needed.

Stubid – Stripe integration

I integrated Stripe which is an online payment system into the Stubid website to allow the website to take payments online.

The payment system works on a top up basis so the user uses an online form to enter their payment details into from which the payment is processed via Stripe.

After the payment has gone through the users credits top up to reflect the purchase.

Landlord tenant usage

The energy management system was designed to be used by landlords wanting to manage and bill their tenant energy usages.

The system was also built to allow resellers to resell the system to different landlords.

I worked as part of a team to deliver various modules, namely the reseller and customer modules.

The modules include numerous features such as the management of buildings, tenants, tariffs, reports and the billing of tenants plus lots more.

These modules that I created along with others make up the end system used by the client.

This contract involved numerous programming tasks related to the creation of the modules.

CRS Risk – course booking website

This project involved feature development for the current course booking website.

I implemented new features such as improvements to the courses, resources, mileage, password reset areas as well removing sections like the course packages and options.

On top of this I integrated the SendInBlue email functionality.

SendInBlue is an online product that integrates with other products to allow those products to have campaign management and marketing automation functionality.

KiWi Power – energy management

The client has hardware installed at various sites which feed data into their databases about the sites energy usage.

The client has a web based system which accesses this database and takes actions on reducing the energy usage.

This contract involved numerous programming tasks related to the clients energy management system.

I worked with KiWiPower for a number of months delivering new software features to their various energy management systems.

As well as this I fixed a number of bugs that where present in their current energy management system.

KiWiPower has various hardware devices installed on various sites that feeds data into their databases.

The web based software system shows the presentation of the data as well as takes actions on reducing the energy at peak consumption periods.

KiWiPower’s current software systems where coded using the Yii framework so I was mainly digging into their existing code-base to complete the programming tasks that were assigned to me.

Handsam – health and safety

This project involved the creation of a web based software system to manage health and safety aspects of business.

As part of the requirements the system was designed to be re-sold to other companies in a steam-lined process.

The system does this by using a centralized database and code-base.

I delivered 3 modules to be used within the new web based software system namely, User Module, Organisation Module and Incident Module.

The User Module handled the signing into and out of the system, user accounts and the user account permissions.

The Organisation Module was all about storing organization details into the system including details of the people who work for that organization. Organizations themselves could have child organizations.

Users could be assigned to organizations and they could log in themselves to only be able to access information within their assigned organization.

Essentially there is a fair bit of complexity involved in this module in terms of its parent / child relation and its relation to the User Module.

The Incident Module handled the logging of incidents that have happened within the organization.

Incidents where categorized under various types and alerts could be sent to the user based on different rule sets.

Sticky Eyes – Google / AWR APIs export

This project involved writing a program that would produce a CSV based on data from various web APIs.

BWIN was provided with a web based software program that allowed them to enter a date range.

After entering a date range using the date pickers the export button could be pressed to download a CSV containing various data from different vendors namely Google Adwords, Google Web Master Tools and AWR Cloud.

The data was fetched using the various vendors web APIs before being manipulated for presentation within the exported spreadsheet.

Gateway3D – product personlization layouts

This project involved creating a set of user interfaces for a variety of e-commerce websites.

The main part of the work involved creating the KnockoutJS / Javascript controls that would tie into the 2D / 3D Api.

The end result was the delivery of various product page front-ends for a variety of different e-commerce websites.

Customers where given the ability to display 2D / 3D models of their products which could be manipulated by the user interface controls.

Manipulations included color schemes, text, position of text and images, fonts, scale and rotation.

PsychoLegal Insight – case and dictation management

This project is about the creation of a web based system that will be used by solicitors to manage their cases.

Upon request the system was designed to be resold to other solicitor firms.

Each solicitor firm can have their own instance of the system which runs using the same codebase and database.

The end result is a web based system that was delivered by me to enable the law firm to manage their diary, cases and dictations.

Each of these modules are quite full featured and include components such as datagrids, calendars, forms, email triggers / reminders and various configuration settings.

The system works from a centralized database and code-base, easily allowing multiple solicitor firms to sign up and use the system.

Any changes to the core code-base effect all systems so any updates can be released without problem and the updates happen in real time.

After signing into the system the company can only view and perform actions on their own data and cannot view and perform actions on another companies data.