Gateway3D – product personlization layouts

Client: I was contracted by Gateway3D to work on their e-commerce websites.

Gateway3D is a company based in Macclesfield, UK that provides 2D / 3D rendering capabilities and features to e-commerce website businesses.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, KnockoutJS

Type of work: Integration of customization web software and develop front-end product pages for existing e-commerce websites.

Description ...

This project involved creating a set of user interfaces for a variety of e-commerce websites.

The main part of the work involved creating the KnockoutJS / Javascript controls that would tie into the 2D / 3D Api.

The end result was the delivery of various product page front-ends for a variety of different e-commerce websites.

Customers where given the ability to display 2D / 3D models of their products which could be manipulated by the user interface controls.

Manipulations included color schemes, text, position of text and images, fonts, scale and rotation.