Granite Transformations – granite plan and pricing

Client: I worked on this project for Yoto Creative. Yoto Creative are a web development agency based in Bristol, UK.

Yoto Creative was the middle man between me and the actual client that would be using the system.

The client was a franchise of Granite Transformations. Granite Transformations as a whole is the largest counter-top manufacturer in the world.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, HTML Canvas, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Yii

Type of work: Full development of web based software system.

Description ...

In this project I create a system that will be used on the shop floor to design and calculate the price of kitchen counter top layouts.

The system had to be designed to work on IPads so the staff could use the system efficiently whilst working on the shop floor.

The end result was Granite Transformations where delivered a web based software system which they could use in an efficient manner on their shop floor.

I needed to make sure that the system worked on IPads as using IPads was the preferred system the shop floor staff liked to carry out their work.

To do this I used a responsive design so the user interface worked on both desktop computers and IPads.

The system delivered was a web based software system so it benefited from a centralized database and point of access via a web URL.

The system had 2 levels of user, “Administrator” and “Staff”.

Administrators have all the permissions the staff has as well as the ability to add / update / remove staff from the system.

The system itself allowed the users to pick from a number of predefined shapes.

These predefined shapes could be dragged onto a floor plan and have each side of the shape set at the preferred dimensions.

The ability to set dimensions on predefined shapes and drag them to a floor plan involved extensive use of the HTML canvas feature and JQuery / Javascript.

Graphics where rendered on the fly using this feature as they had to be to adjust to the varying dimensions that can be entered into the system.

After defining the floor plan the user then goes through a few more stages where various questions are answered by filling out a number of forms.

The end result of this is that the user gets to a screen where a invoice can be emailed to the customer or printed out all from within the system.

All plans created are stored within the system and Staff can access any plans they have created.

Administrators can access any plans created in the system whether they where created by the Administrator or any of the staff.