Handsam – health and safety

Client: I was contracted by Handsam to work on this web based software project.

Handsam are a company based in Redditch, UK that sells a software system to their clients for the management of the health and safety aspects of their business.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, Yii

Type of work: Various module development for a new web based software system.

Description ...

This project involved the creation of a web based software system to manage health and safety aspects of business.

As part of the requirements the system was designed to be re-sold to other companies in a steam-lined process.

The system does this by using a centralized database and code-base.

I delivered 3 modules to be used within the new web based software system namely, User Module, Organisation Module and Incident Module.

The User Module handled the signing into and out of the system, user accounts and the user account permissions.

The Organisation Module was all about storing organization details into the system including details of the people who work for that organization. Organizations themselves could have child organizations.

Users could be assigned to organizations and they could log in themselves to only be able to access information within their assigned organization.

Essentially there is a fair bit of complexity involved in this module in terms of its parent / child relation and its relation to the User Module.

The Incident Module handled the logging of incidents that have happened within the organization.

Incidents where categorized under various types and alerts could be sent to the user based on different rule sets.