KiWi Power – energy management

Client: I was contracted by KiWiPower to work on their various energy management systems.

KiWiPower are the UK's leading demand response aggregator.

KiWiPower's demand response system is a powerful system that allows their clients to reduce electrical power during peak consumption periods.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Yii

Type of work: New feature development and bug fixing for existing web based software system.

Description ...

The client has hardware installed at various sites which feed data into their databases about the sites energy usage.

The client has a web based system which accesses this database and takes actions on reducing the energy usage.

This contract involved numerous programming tasks related to the clients energy management system.

I worked with KiWiPower for a number of months delivering new software features to their various energy management systems.

As well as this I fixed a number of bugs that where present in their current energy management system.

KiWiPower has various hardware devices installed on various sites that feeds data into their databases.

The web based software system shows the presentation of the data as well as takes actions on reducing the energy at peak consumption periods.

KiWiPower’s current software systems where coded using the Yii framework so I was mainly digging into their existing code-base to complete the programming tasks that were assigned to me.