Landlord tenant usage

Client: I was contracted by PHC Web Development, a web development company that builds websites and web software systems to work on their tenant usage project.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Yii

Type of work: Various module development for a new web based software system.

Description ...

The energy management system was designed to be used by landlords wanting to manage and bill their tenant energy usages.

The system was also built to allow resellers to resell the system to different landlords.

I worked as part of a team to deliver various modules, namely the reseller and customer modules.

The modules include numerous features such as the management of buildings, tenants, tariffs, reports and the billing of tenants plus lots more.

These modules that I created along with others make up the end system used by the client.

This contract involved numerous programming tasks related to the creation of the modules.