PHC Web Development – care home charter quiz

Client: I was contracted by PHC Web Development, a web development company that builds websites and web software systems to work on their care home charter quiz project. Care home charter quiz is a project requested by The Patients Association who is PHC Web Developments client.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Yii 2

Type of work: Full development of web based software system.

Description ...

Care home charter quiz is an online questionaire and answer system designed to be used as part of The Patients Association training programme.

The care home charter quiz system selects 10 random questions to present to the user. The user selects his / her answers and submits the questionaire.

Once the questionaire has been submitted the user is then given a score out of 10. If a certain number of correct answers where given then the user is sent a PDF certificate by email and given an option to download a PDF certificate by button click.

The system is flexible enough to allow more questions to be amended to the questionaire and to change the number of correct answers needed.

The final delivery of the system to the client is as described above.

  1. Directed software design and development while remaining focused on client needs.
  2. Wrote maintainable and extensible code as part an individual.
  3. Stored, retrieved and manipulated data.
  4. Consulted regularly with customer on project status, proposals and technical issues.
  5. Planned, designed and developed robust solutions in a timely manner.
  6. Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  7. Performed system-level testing to verify software quality and function before it was released.
  8. Used Jira to manage project.
  9. Debugged and modified software components.