PsychoLegal Insight – case and dictation management

Client: I worked on this project for Ndaba. Ndaba are a web development company based in Leicester, UK.

The actual client using the software is Psycholegal Insight which is a law firm dealing with criminal, parole, immigration and civil matters.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, Yii

Type of work: Full development of web based software system.

Description ...

This project is about the creation of a web based system that will be used by solicitors to manage their cases.

Upon request the system was designed to be resold to other solicitor firms.

Each solicitor firm can have their own instance of the system which runs using the same codebase and database.

The end result is a web based system that was delivered by me to enable the law firm to manage their diary, cases and dictations.

Each of these modules are quite full featured and include components such as datagrids, calendars, forms, email triggers / reminders and various configuration settings.

The system works from a centralized database and code-base, easily allowing multiple solicitor firms to sign up and use the system.

Any changes to the core code-base effect all systems so any updates can be released without problem and the updates happen in real time.

After signing into the system the company can only view and perform actions on their own data and cannot view and perform actions on another companies data.