The Waiting Game – event management and sign up

Client: I worked on this project through a middle man known as Yoto Creative.

Yoto Creative are a web development agency based in Bristol, UK.

The actual client that would be using the system are known as The Waiting Game.

The Waiting Game is a hospitality and promotion recruitment agency based in Bristol, UK.

The agency supplies staff for a range of events both private and corporate.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Yii

Type of work: Full development of web based software system.

Description ...

During this project I tackle the creation of a system that will be used internally by an event company wanting to manage their events.

The system had to work on both standard desktop computers as well as mobile phones.

The end result of this project was The Waiting Game where delivered a system to manage their events.

The system was web based giving the advantage of allowing multiple users to sign into the system and all data being held within a centralized database.

The system featured 2 levels of user accounts. Administrators and Staff.

Administrators can sign into the system and add events to an events calendar. Staff can sign into the system and view events on the events calendar.

Administrators can also create Staff accounts for their members of staff.

Various details on the Staff user profile can be selected such as what skills the staff member has, the experience level of the member of staff with associated rates of pay, plus more.

The details defined in the Staff user profile determine which events are shown to that member of staff on the event calendar.

Staff members click an attendance button on the event to indicate they are attending the event.

As well as the above described features there are various sections within the system dedicated to the reporting of information and the downloading of data in CSV format.

I decided to use JQuery Mobile to create the mobile user interface.

This was because the client wanted the mobile version of the system to look more like a native phone application rather than a responsive website.

JQuery Mobile allowed me to create a mobile version of the system that had a native phone application look and feel without me having to create all the native phone application elements and styles myself.

JQuery Mobile handles this out of the box.