Transport for London – competency management

Client: I worked to build this web based system for a company known as S-Group Marketing. The actual end client that uses the system is Transport for London.

Skills needed: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, Yii

Type of work: Full development of web based software system.

Description ...

The project involved creating a web based system that would allow Transport for London to manage their employees competency levels and give their employees valuable information on their competency levels and other key employee areas.

I delivered a web based system that works from a centralized database. The advantages of a web based system include the ability to run across multiple devices.

The advantages of the web based system using a centralized database include the ability to access the same data source from any point in the world with an internet connection.

The system has 2 levels of user access, Administrators and Staff. Staff can use the system to check various job families and job roles.

The various job families and job roles have competencies with their associated competency levels applied to them.

The staff member can view his / her owned assigned job family, job role, competencies and their associated levels.

Administrators have the ability to manage all of the job families, job roles, competencies and competency levels.

The administrators can assign these to users but the system will only these to be assigned if the Staff member meets the appropriate criteria.