On this page you will find any personal projects I have created which are free to use …

Neptune – Lead Tracker


Neptune is a web based application that lets you store, manage and track your leads.

Archived projects

Below you can find projects that are no longer available …

Neptune – Task Manager

Neptune use to be a downloadable PHP web application that you could install on your web server for managing tasks. This was before I release Neptune Lead Tracker. People where able to download the application set it up on their web server, login and manage tasks. With the advent of Neptune Lead Tracker, Neptune Task Manager was archived.


Proposley was a web based proposal management system. Users could create online proposals and email them to their clients. Proposley was hosted online and users had to sign up for an account and start creating proposals. Proposley was originally a hosted paid for SAAS product but was turned into a free product.

Proposley was taken offline due to a lack of use. I am not sure what the reasons for its lack of use were but if I was to guess I would say that Proposley suffered from having zero marketing and not very pretty proposal designs as my skills are in back-end programming and I never went out of my way to find a front-end developer to make the front-end look nice and create aesthetically pleasing proposal templates.

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