Transparent backgrounds using the Mac Preview tool

Downloading an image with a white background when you want the background to be transparent can be a pain. I have recently found a way of converting a colored background to a transparent background using nothing more than the standard Mac Preview tool. Before I found out this method I use to believe that I needed a proper graphics package to accomplish the task but now I realize I do not.

Follow the steps to turn a colored background into a transparent background. The way this process works is you are essentially just removing the colored background and re-saving the image …

  1. Click View -> Show Markup Toolbar, this will open the Markup Toolbar if it not already open.
  2. Click the Instant Alpha tool, image shown below.
  3. Mark a section of the colored background by using the mouse and dragging in the colored background area.
  4. Once the selection has been made click Edit -> Delete. This will remove the colored background.
  5. Save the image by clicking File -> Save.

Instant Alpha tool …

Your image will now be saved with the colored background removed. Thus having a transparent background.