September 2018

Client work

I finished the work I have been doing for the helpline module and handed the work over to the client.

The client is happy with the work I did so all is good from that perspective.

Since that time I decided to have a couple of weeks off work whilst I wait for the next project from a different client.

I was suppose to be moving onto quite a large project but the new client has not got the go ahead for the large project yet so the new client has provided me with some smaller work whilst I wait.

Losing weight

As part of my couple of week holiday I fell a bit behind on my exercise and diet and managed to put on a couple of pounds.

These activities have now been resumed and I hope to shave some more weight off very soon.

Jodrell Bank Observatory

As part of my effort to get out and about more I decided to visit the Jodrell Bank Observatory located in Lower Withington, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

The observatory houses a number of radio telescopes with the main telescope being the Lovell Telescope which is the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world.