November 2018

Quit smoking

Finally got round to sticking a nicotine patch on and getting myself some nicotine gum.

I have attempted this in the past but always had the odd cigrette which led me back to smoking again.

This time I have decided to just stick to the patchs and the gum and not have any cigrette at all.

I figure if I can break the habit of wanting a cigrette in the morning or after having something to eat then it would be a good start.

After I have broken the actual habit I can reduce the amount of nicotine content by lowering the nicotine amount on the patches I buy.

Losing weight

Weight has remained steady over the last month. I have lost 2.5 stone so far in the last 6 months.

I have still got to lose about the same amount of weight again to reach my goal.

Since quitting smoking I have noticed a marked improvement when going on my treadmill.

I can now go at speeds I have never been able to go at before and also I am not out of breath when I finish my treadmill session which ultimately means I could remain on the treadmill for longer if time was not a consideration.

Client work

Managed to secure myself some nice client work.

I cannot say much about this particular client work as I am under an NDA however it has to do with creating a medical software web application.

I am building this system mainly using Javascript with some HTML and PHP.

Mid August 2018

Client work

Carrying on with helpline module I have been doing lots of refactoring for the up and coming handover of the project.

Also I have been creating update actions for both case notes and case alerts.

A user can click on the edit pencil icon next to case note or alert, an edit form appears at the bottom of the alerts or notes and the screen scrolls to the edit form.

When the user has finished editing the alert or note the screen scrolls back to the alert or note.

I have done a major refactoring of the case merge section to now use a special case merge model which handles the validating and saving of the case merge action.

This has reduced the number of lines in the case merge controller significantly.

I have currently got another project with a different client in the pipeline so I will be starting that in the near future.

Losing weight

I have now lost a total of 2 stone since starting my weight loss program.

For those who do not know I have done this by exercising on my treadmill at least 4 days a week for 1 hour. I do not run on my treadmill but walk at a moderate pace.

As well as this I try to stick to around 100 – 120 carbs per day. I have some “off” days maybe once or twice per week but I generally stick with it.

I notice that by having a lower carb diet the diet naturally becomes lower in calories except that it is made up of foods that actually keep you fuller for longer. So the lower carb diet has been a win all round.