Will HTML be the new assembler?

So I was thinking a while back about skill sets and pay rates for specific skill sets. For example if you can program in Assembler today and a company has a need for a Assembler programmer you can charge big money because there are few Assembler programmers compared to other programmers today.

HTML, CSS, PHP programming languages pay less or rather sometimes pay less because there are a lot of programmers in today’s world concentrating on those languages.

This got me thinking, in the early days of computing there would have been less languages to choose from so there would have been a larger percentage of Assembler programmers around years ago compared to other languages.

However due to the early years of computing being a specific niche anyway there might have been less programmers overall therefore the Assembler programmers got paid big money anyway.

But lets look at it like this, below is diagram of computer languages and the hierarchy of languages which those languages are built on top of …


As more programmers start using the languages that are built on top of existing languages less programmers will be an expert in the bottom tier languages.

In today’s world now that we have languages such as PHP, programmers do not need to learn Assembler, programmers do not need to learn C or Java etc. Now that we have frameworks such as JQuery programmers do not even need to learn Javascript.

Now let us pretend we are in the future, 20 years from now. New frameworks have been built on top of HTML. Modern programmers are geared towards learning those new frameworks and they do not need to learn HTML.

HTML programmers have become a rarity and companies needing to fix problems at a lower level such as HTML will need to seek out the specialist HTML programmers.

So basically HTML has now become the new Assembler. With the following aspects …

  1. HTML has become a low tier level language.
  2. HTML has become a rare specialist language, not many programmers will know how to program HTML.
  3. Companies will pay big money for people with skills in HTML.

So that is my view of what might happen in future with the languages we have today like HTML. If you remember how to program in those languages long enough one day they could become a highly paid programmer for those rare specialist languages.

Who would think that in 20 years from now, you could be getting paid £1000 per day for programming HTML?

I use Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is a software program to enable people to mock-up user interface designs. The program is simple to use and all a user has to do is drag and drop generic components onto the white screen area and build the user interface from these generic components.


There are plenty of components to choose from ranging from forms, datagrids, tables, tabs to navigation bars for designing web based software interfaces the program is perfect.

For doing mockups of websites it is also useful as well but obviously cannot cover in depth “design” in terms of fancy graphics as to mockup fancy graphics the graphic designer would have to do the work of drawing the fancy graphics themselves which is essentially doing the work and is not really a mockup.

For a website you can say this is the header, these are some links, here is a navigation bar to the left etc. It is a mock-up.

Balsamiq Mockups will be used by me in the Roadmap and GUI Design stages. I can now easily mock-up the user interface of the web based software system at the initial stages. Giving the client an idea of what the software will look like and how it will function.

This is also useful for early recognition of problems and getting it right the first time without having to change GUI elements around later when that could prove more costly.