The treadmill desk has been created

I wrote the following post some time ago about me buying a new treadmill and why I brought a normal treadmill as opposed to buying a treadmill desk …

I mentioned at the bottom of the post that I may make my very own treadmill desk as the standard treadmill desks that are available only go up to a certain speed which is quite slow and I did not want to reach a plateau with my weight loss.

Normal treadmills can go much faster than the treadmill desks that you can buy and as I may need to turn up the intensity of my workouts I opted for getting a normal treadmill rather than a treadmill desk as both are expensive and I could only get one or the other.

For those of you who do not know a treadmill desk is half desk and half treadmill which you can buy from professional companies which produce them. They look like this …


Since the time of purchasing my treadmill I have noticed how easy it is to get bored whilst walking on it and I liked the idea of having a desk so I could go on my laptop whilst I am walking. Anyways I decided to make my own and with the help of my Dad we got this assembled …


Ladies and gentlemen, my very own treadmill desk! As you can see it is created from a couple of wall brackets from B&Q and a piece of “offcut” wood purchased from the industrial estate timber yard next door to where I work.

“Offcut” wood is the throw away wood that was left over when they cut the wood for their customers etc, this is generally sold for a couple of pounds. The whole desk cost me around £20 to make and it is detachable from the wall and can be stored away if so desired.

The angle of the photo I have taken makes the desk look quite thin but the photo does not actually do it justice as it plenty big enough to put my laptop on as well as some other stuff.

So far I am enjoying my treadmill desk as it means I can do more walking without getting bored. I can even do tasks whilst walking, in fact this blog post was written whilst I was walking on my treadmill desk.

New treadmill on its way!

In the web development industry or rather office industry in general it is easy to pile on the pounds as sitting at a desk all day is generally not very good in terms of psychical activity.

Around 8 years ago I was overweight, I brought a cheap treadmill and within a year I got down to a normal weight. Around 2 years after this I had put all my weight back on plus more.

I used the cheap treadmill again for around a month then it broke. I got another cheap treadmill but it was not powerful enough to support my weight, unlike the first cheap treadmill I brought this one just did not seem as powerful.


So basically I gave up for a number of years remaining overweight. Then I decided to join the leisure center and I did some swimming, this is when I found that doing swimming will take twice as long to lose weight even though swimming was more pleasurable then other forms of exercise.

So then I joined the leisure centers gym. Now the gym is not too bad, however it is noisy with the music blurring out of the speakers and the gym instructors instructing people with the “pump! pump! pump!” mentality.

Not to mention the extended time it takes to exercise because of the journey there and back. So in the end I have brought a brand new reasonably expensive treadmill. This treadmill has none of the problems of the cheap treadmill and I can tell just by walking on it that the motor is much more powerful.

I purchased the treadmill from and whilst there I noticed some of the other treadmills they where selling and one which particularly stood out was the Lifespan Treadmill Desk.

For those of you who do not know a treadmill desk is part desk and part treadmill with the idea being that you can keep fit whilst doing work at the same time. I love the idea however the treadmill desk only goes up to 4mph.

This is the same on all makes of treadmill desk, it appears it has become the standard. I imagine this being a problem if I use the treadmill desk and reach some sort of plateau with my weight loss.

Not being able to increase the intensity of the workout may mean I will not get past the plateau however I do not know this for definite, maybe a plateau is never reached at all and just the continued walking on the treadmill desk will bring me down to the correct weight anyway. I did not want to take this chance though so I just brought a normal treadmill. If I want a desk I could make one somehow anyway and just use my normal treadmill as a treadmill desk.

I envisage me doing my normal office routines whilst at the office and when I get home I will do a nightly session on my treadmill whilst using a makeshift desk to do my work on whilst using the treadmill. Do that for 3 hours a night and the weight should drop right off.