Start of a new year 2018

Start of brand new year, a clean slate and potential opportunities on the horizon …

Client work

Worked with 3 clients last year which was fantastic and proved more than sufficient. I am currently waiting on a couple of people to get back to me at the moment about potential work.

Neptune – Lead tracker

As stated in my Christmas post. I will be taking Neptune Lead Tracker down at some point this year if it gets no usage by people, no point in keeping it online if no one is using it.


Will keep the blog going strong this year. I will try to write 1 post per week. The standard I set myself to is to try to write 1 blog post per week but if I miss a post one week I just write one the next week.


My goals this year will all be centred around improving my skill sets and making myself even more marketable. Up to yet I have been doing other side projects which have side tracked me quite a bit from improving on my own skill set.

I would like to get into more front-end website development improving my skills in front-end languages as well as WordPress and Perch content management systems.

I would also like to get into front-end Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS, React and NodeJS because a lot of contract positions on the market are now demanding these skills.

Website structure

You may or may not have noticed that the website structure in the “left side menu” has changed. The homepage of the website is now what use to be the “hire me” page and the website blog now has its own seperate page instead of being the homepage.

Basically if you want to access this blog from now you will have to click “Blog” in the “left side menu”.

I have also updated my portfolio to include a graphic containing images of the projects I have worked on. So each project in the “Portfolio” in the “left side menu” now contains an image of the project.

Looking forward to see what this year brings.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year – 2017

Another year gone by and it is nearly time for Christmas.

Over the last 12 months …

Client work
I have taken on and worked with 3 new clients this year. As you may or may not know I am a one man contractor and my contracts generally last months at a time so 3 new clients has proved sufficient.

I have worked on an internal system for managing my business which is 90% complete. For all intents and purposes the Toolkit is completed. The remaining 10% will involve adding any remaining features I can think up or that may be needed.

Neptune – Lead Tracker
I have developed the initial Neptune Lead Tracker and put it online. Neptune has not seen much growth as of yet, I will leave Neptune for 1 more year then take it down if no one is using Neptune. –

Czech Character Code Converter
I developed a web based software script to help me with work on a particular client this year. Afterwards I gave the web based software script a basic front-end and uploaded it online so it can be used by other people. –

King of Adem
Started writing code for a multiplayer strategy game. This project is on the back-burner at the moment and will remain there until some interest is shown from a game developer who would like to take the project further with me.

Overall a very good year.

As I wind down for Christmas I will not be writing anymore blog posts until January 29th 2018 so please check back then to continue reading my blog.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, until next year, bye for now.