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“James shows a great understanding of MVC frameworks, AGILE development and GIT version control. He understands OOP and related theory very well and has been instrumental in the success of this project. James worked remotely for us and always produced work in a timely, professional manner and communicated effectively. He has been a valuable asset on this project and I wouldn’t hesitate to contract him again on similar Yii projects. ” – Pete HenshallPHC Web DevelopmentDirector

“James was contracted by KiWi Power to work on our internal energy management business systems. We had an extensive backlog of tasks that needed to be completed and James got up to speed quickly and delivered all necessary solutions. If we are in need of a PHP developer in future I would have no hesitation in contracting James again for future development projects, as his hard work and professionalism were of the highest standard.” – Gavin SalleryKiWi PowerChief Technical Officer

“James took on bug fixing and feature additions for a tangled legacy codebase, which freed up the rest of the team to work on the replacement system. Despite the size of the codebase (hundreds of thousands of lines) and the disappearance of the original outsourced developers, James managed to find, fix and extend the code with minimal hand-holding. His perseverance saw more bugs fixed over four months than the previous team had fixed in a year. During the period in which he worked with us, James showed an interest in learning about how we work. He responded quickly to issues with the production system. Despite working remotely, James managed to keep all stakeholders up-to-date using Slack, to minimise management overhead.” – Chris Agmen SmithKiWi PowerWeb Software Consultant

“James worked on the software management platforms and client applications for KiWi Power in both the International and UK markets. During this time, James was solely responsible for the PHP software aspects, covering bugs and developments, as our internal team consisted of Java and firmware developers only. I was extremely impressed with James’s drive, speed and proactive nature during his time with KiWi and I would gladly involve him on future projects, however unfortunately we’re moving away from a PHP based platform. During his time with KiWi, James would complete tasks in a fraction of the time that it had previously taken our internal developers to complete and he would regularly chase me for additional tasks to ensure his time was used effectively.” – Christiaan De FouwKiWiPowerInternational Project Manager

“I worked with James Barnsley on a large project for London Underground and it was a massive success. We went through many iterations perfecting the application and James Barnsley’s attention to detail and desire to make the finished product as good as it possibly could be was fantastic. The end application works really well and the client is delighted. It was a pleasure working with James Barnsley and I thoroughly recommend James Barnsley.” – Julian SharplesDirectorS-Group Marketing

“We at Handsam Ltd have had the pleasure of dealing with James Barnsley for an in house project, this project consisted of a ground up rewrite of our systems. Once we decided on a framework (Yii) the decision to use James Barnsley quickly followed. James’s knowledge of the framework was superb and the input we received at a critical point was vital to the success of our project. I would have no hesitation using James Barnsley again should a project warrant it.” – Simon GarlickSystems ManagerHandsam

“I have worked with James Barnsley on a previous project for a highly valued customer of ours and also recommended James Barnsley to others. In all cases James Barnsley has carried out what was asked to an excellent standard and all of the applications James Barnsley have developed operated in the way expected and detailed in the specification document we asked James Barnsley to follow. I would have no hesitation in recommending James Barnsley and his development work to others.” – Toby HoareDirectorYoto Creative

“We worked very closely with James Barnsley on an internal tool to analyse multiple data streams and to produce actionable reports on behalf of our clients. We are very happy to say that James Barnsley’s work was not only thorough, robust and comprehensive, James Barnsley was incredibly proactive in ensuring that the project was completed successfully and on time. I highly recommend James Barnsley.” – Ben DaviesHead of Technical DevelopmentStickyEyes

“It was great working with James Barnsley. Got the job done in less time than I expected, and better quality than I’ve become used to!” – Andy WillisDirectorNetOnTarget

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