Personal projects

On this page you will find any personal projects I have created which are free to use …

Czech Character Code Converter

A useful free tool for converting text containing Czech characters into their respective Czech character codes. I created this because I needed a way to easily convert blocks of text with Czech characters in the text to there respective character codes.

Rather than manually modifying each character to its character code I just created a script. Now the script is available for everyone to use free of charge at the above URL.

Archived projects

Below you can find projects that are no longer available …

Neptune – Lead Tracker

Neptune was an online SAAS product that let people store, manage and track leads. Neptune was online for a year but had no marketing and got no use so therefore was taken offline.

Office Rental Manager

Office Rental Manager was an online SAAS product that could be used from the web browser. Office Rental Manager helps manage all aspects of office rental businesses namely properties, offices, companies and people.

This data could be handled in various ways for example multiple companies to an office, shared offices / hotdesking, different prices per seat, companies split between 2 offices and more.

Office Rental Manager can generate invoices based on the data within the software that has been inputted for the various properties, offices, companies and people. Automatic or manual generation of invoices.

Automatic generation of invoices has customizable options. Office Rental Manager also includes multi-user facilities so multiple people / staff members can use the system.

Development on Office Rental Manager was halted and it never went live.

Neptune – Task Manager

Neptune use to be a downloadable PHP web application that you could install on your web server for managing tasks. This was before I release Neptune Lead Tracker.

People were able to download the application set it up on their web server, login and manage tasks.


Proposley was a web based proposal management system. Users could create online proposals and email them to their clients. Proposley was hosted online and users had to sign up for an account and start creating proposals.

Proposley was originally a hosted paid for SAAS product but was turned into a free product.

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