Neptune – web based lead management / tracking tool – going free

Neptune is going free. I spent sometime not long ago implementing the subscription billing system into Neptune. Now I have spent some time to enable Neptune to have a plan that can be signed up to free of charge …

You can sign up and use Neptune for free now.

Trying to run Neptune like a business and only have paid plans took the fun out of the Neptune project. With the business aspects of Neptune out of the way Neptune can now be treated like the side project that it really is.

Mac free color picker

I was searching for a color picker today and found one already installed on my Mac which is installed as standard with every Mac OS.

I thought I would also write about the already installed color picker to save someone the time of having to find and download a color picker online.

The color picker is located at Application -> Utilities -> DigitalColor Meter.


Just go to that location and run the color picker software.